During 30 years working with cooper, TallerSur has created innovative lines that distinguish his work, participating in international fairs of Europe, much of America, and the most important ones of Chile.

The work that you can see on this site, has been recognized on multiple occasions, including two Unesco mentions. The first one in Havana, 1997, “Medalla Picasso (Picasso Medal)”, bearing the highest distinction. The second one in 2014, “Recognition of Excellence in Craftsmanship”, Southern Cone of the World Craft Council International. In 2013, obtained the Seal of Excellence from the National Council for Culture and the Arts.

Our pieces are presented in the main stores of Institutions such as the Chilean Museum of pre-Columbian art, La Moneda cultural center, Chile Crafts, International Airport, and thematic stores including Mercado de Oficios in Santiago.

We have also developed Institutional works for La Moneda, Ministries, Mining, and other companies.

Our workshop, located in the Caulín sector, Ancud commune, Chiloé permits the processes to be carried out under the climatic conditions of the Island; saline air, rainwater, humid ambient.

The characteristic and the seal of our work: The oxidation technique, is the result of “trial and error” in each piece since they are the copper reactions to the treatment.

No piece is the same as another even if they are subdued to the same processes.

As a result, we obtain irregular and experimental tonalities that intend to hint at aging. Alike, in the pieces that only rust, the effect of subtle nuances in the tonalities are achieved.

The formats evoke the original shapes of utensils. The ornamentation, patterns from different cultures, from diaguitas to selknam. The cave art, mostly corresponds to the northern zone of the high plateau, nowadays its borders with neighboring countries where there were an intense exchange and caravanning area for camelids.

Pictographs, geoglyphs, and petroglyphs testify to these activities and in our work, the Taira style predominates.

Due to the innovative nature of its lines, we incorporate designs from the Manteña culture, Ecuador, which is an additional contribution to our work.